Being on vacation means dealing with as few things as possible, because someone has already taken care of them for you. Or at the very least, it means dealing only with what you wish to.

Guests need only meet Gaetano and Clara for these thoughts to become reality.

Gaetano and Clara, who truly "invented" this villa, will be happy to place themselves at your disposal at the start of your stay, doing all that is needed to make your stay a comfortable and pleasant one.

To begin with, they will show you the villa in its every detail. But they can also take you to the nearby town of Marciano, and personally introduce you to the people who run the places that will be so useful to you during your stay: shops, supermarkets, restaurants, the cooperative wine growers' association where you can purchase D.O.C. local wine, and the rotisserie establishment well known for its flavourful local dishes that can be ordered for takeout.

All this will help you experience the comfort and security of feeling at home while on vacation. And if you need to know the

visiting hours of a museum or church, or the place and date of a market or fair, or if you require information on flight and train schedules, where to find major services, the availability of a tour guide or of a car with driver, or even just the weather forecast, Gaetano and Clara, before returning to Rome, will spend Saturday night in the cottage just a short distance from the villa, and will be glad to provide all the assistance you need to enjoy your vacation in even greater tranquillity and relaxation.

Pian del Rocchio's underlying idea is that true luxury means taking care of yourself. Our way of welcoming guests is the natural outgrowth of this idea.