In the municipality of San Venanzo in the province of Terni, within the Orvieto tourism district, rises Pian del Rocchio, the plain that is home to the villa that bears its name.

Situated on an upland plain at 450 metres above sea level, Pian del Rocchio dominates Valle Tiberina - the Valley of the Tiber which, after winding its way for about 200 kilometres, crosses Rome before letting out into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Pian del Rocchio plain includes the Medieval (twelfth century) Casalege of Collelungo; it borders on the large town of Marsciano downhill, and that of San Venanzo uphill, respectively 4 and 5 kilometres away.

In the Umbrian dialect, Rocchio means "Spring" or "Waterspout." And in fact, the area is rich with springs and has two small lakes used to irrigate the surrounding farmland, where grain, tobacco, corn, and sunflowers are raised.