Before becoming a vacation house, Villa Pian del Rocchio came into being as the "home of the future".
That is to say the future as it was pictured by Gaetano and his wife Clara starting from when they realized that their son Francesco would not follow them in their chosen field as chemical engineers, because his great passion for nature was leading him down different paths.

Open spaces, animals, and above all horses: starting at the tenderness age, these became growing passions for Francesco, which were later to lead him to practice horseback riding, and convince him while still in grammar school that he wanted to become a veterinarian when he "grew up".

And as we all know, true passions are contagious: Francesco thus transmitted his own excitement and chosen path to his parents, leading them to realize their dream of a country house not far from the city of Perugia, for which he left Rome to study at the university department of veterinary medicine. And it was Perugia where Clara, as a secondary-school student had lived with her family, leaving it for Rome to continue her studies.

A circle was thus closed, and a dream come true - brought about with hard work and the joy of accomplishing something in line with the way Gaetano and Clara see life.

Perhaps it's because people do not become engineers by accident; maybe it's because Gaetano and Clara like doing things right, but the fact is that each and every material used was carefully and patiently chosen, and every corner designed, evaluated, and discussed before being turned into reality with the contribution of skilled, locally-selected craftspeople.

Only later on - partially because of excitement with the results, and partially because of the realization of being right in the middle of the green paradise that Umbria is - did the idea of the vacation villa come about.

Villa Pian del Rocchio is therefore, above all, a home. And the beauty and uniqueness that everyone can find there are a sure sign of the care we take in the things we do for ourselves and those we love most.

Francesco did not change his mind as he grew older. After earning his degree in veterinary medicine, he was awarded the diploma of Doctor of Research in Equine Sciences. While lending his collaboration to the clinic at the University of Perugiaís Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, he is enrolled in the University of Teramoís graduate school in equine medicine and surgery.

On 14 March 2009, Francesco and his wife Maria Gabriella - also a veterinarian - welcomed a daughter, Sofia Clara, making Gaetano and Clara the happy grandparents they had always dreamed of being.

A natural wonder on her own, Sofia Clara gives new meaning to that conception of the future from which everything began, saying loud and clear - in her still-wordless language - that even when a circle appears closed, that is not necessarily the case.