Villa Pian del Rocchio has a garden of about 5,000 square metres, with olive trees and orchards (cherry, pear, apple, fig, pomegranate, plum, almond, and peach).

The large, cool and sheltered veranda adjacent to the villa has a large, rectangular wrought-iron table easily capable of accommodating 12/14 guests for all outdoor occasions.

The pool is a 6 by 12 metre rectangle. On its short side, a semicircular area 5 metres in diameter facilitates getting in and out of the water with large, easy stairs, nice and shallow for our smallest guests. The bottom slopes down to varying depths (from 0.50 to 2.30 m.), thereby permitting both children and adults to swim in safety.

By the pool is a handy hot- and cold-water shower.

The pool lining is sand-coloured, giving the water a natural sky-blue hue.

Slightly lower than the villa, the pool is surrounded by flowerbeds colourfully resplendent in the summertime, and a pleasant rock garden.

Large olive trees shade the adjacent lawn. The sunbathing area, paved in terracotta bricks, allows guests to take the sun at all hours of the day, as they relax on comfortable beach chairs and lounges.

A scenic corner near the well by the pool includes a round wrought-iron table and umbrella.
By the well, there is also a barbecue, for tasty grilling in the cooler evening hours.